Trent Jansen Studio is a design practice based in Thirroul, Australia, under the direction of designer and academic, Trent Jansen.

Design Anthropology:

Trent has developed a unique style of design, known in his studio as Design Anthropology. This method was devised to move design beyond the stark pragmatism of Modernism and its incongruence with the beautiful imperfection of humanity. Instead Design Anthropology focuses on these imperfections, studying the history and culture of human societies and taking design inspiration from the rich stories that punctuate human heritage. The products, furniture and interiors that result from this design method are richly symbolic, and tell innately human stories. Objects and spaces designed by Trent Jansen Studio explore the unique identities of individuals, families and communities, embodying engaging narratives that excite with their exoticism, or comfort with their familiarity. Every project developed under this model is designed to appeal to our emotions, becoming important artefacts in our lives, and forging a long-standing, meaningful relationships between designed artefacts and the individuals, families and organisations who commission them.

In some instances the stories chosen by Trent Jansen Studio, to be conveyed through designed objects and spaces, embody the identity of an individual or single-family group. The ‘Briggs Family Tea Service’ for Broached Commissions, for example, explores the cross-cultural identity of a single family living in Tasmania during the early 19th Century. In other cases a chosen narrative is designed to embody aspects of national identity, ‘Make Do’ for UAP, for example, communicates the resourceful spirit at the heart of Russel Ward’s ‘The Australian Legend’.

“Trent has a great deal of respect for cultural heritage and is extraordinarily thorough in incorporating cultural identity and history into his works … his collaboration with Broached Commissions has the same kind of take on defining the Australian design identity as Droog has done for the Dutch design identity”

Marcel Wanders – Mezzanine, 2015.


The individuals, families and organisations whom commission Trent Jansen Studio seek designed objects and spaces that provide more than superficial beauty and functionality; they require a deeper connection with the artefacts that inhabit their lives. These clients seek designs that communicate their values, histories and fascinations, and commission Trent Jansen Studio to design products, furniture and interiors that represent their personal, family or corporate identities; artefacts that embody those narratives of greatest significance to them.

The Molonglo Group and Efkarpidis family engaged Broached Commissions and Trent Jansen Studio to design a series of objects that would capture the family and cultural identities at the heart of their organisation. The ‘Diaspora Light’, for example, explores the Greek heritage of the Molonglo Group, and the focus placed on the motherland as part of this cultural identity. Similarly, the ‘Council of Nicea Table’ is inspired by a significant religious event, taking place in 325AD in the Greek region where the Efkarpidis family originates.

Each object and space created by Trent Jansen Studio is carefully fashioned by Australia’s most skilled crafts people, using the highest quality materials available. The fabrication of each project is closely overseen by Trent, who places utmost importance on the quality and durability of every design produced by his studio – So that these artefacts might become the heirlooms of future generations.